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Master Brow Artist and Educator Evelina Yaguda Is Jazzing Up Your Eyebrow Game

Merging her artistic and beauty enthusiast sides gave birth to a new passion Evelina Yaguda never thought she would take up.

Upcoming EY Microblading Classes in New York

Microblading Course New York, NY, USA 29-30 Oct

Microblading Course New York, NY, USA 29-30 Oct

Microblading Course New York, NY, USA 29-30 Oct

About the Training

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our microblading courses in New York City can help you master the technique. We provide both theoretical and hands-on instruction for two days.


In the theoretical part of this course, you will be introduced to microblading and given all the information you need to know in order to become a successful microblading artist. Evelina will cover everything from the basics of EY creation, down to other secrets of permanent makeup that only industry insiders know.

In-person training sessions

You’ll not only get to work on live models, but you will also learn how to map brows, create hair strokes, and apply the right amount of pressure. And because you’re practicing on real skin with existing marks from the Master, you won’t have any opportunity to make mistakes.


The 2-day microblading course is only the beginning of the learning process. Once completed, students will stay in close contact with Evelina and her colleagues to ensure that they are progressing and meeting all requirements.


After you finish the steps and Evelina Yaguda Microblading Course in NYC, you will receive an official certificate with the EY logo. With this certification, you can start your own microblading business.

EY MicroBlading Kit

The Premium EY Microblading Kit comes included with this purchase. This kit will last for up to 80 clients, and will be useful both during the training session as well as in future practice.

• PhiBrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment (2 pcs)
• PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment (2 pcs)
• PhiBrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment (2 pcs)
• PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment (2 pcs)
• PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment (2 pcs)
• PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment (1 piece)
• PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment (1 piece)
• Stroke Marker
• Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit for EY
• PhiBrows Practice Ink
• Blade & Shade Practice Tool (3pcs)
• Wipes Makeup Remover (5pcs)
• PhiWipes Asept (5pcs)
• Latex Blank (3pcs)
• PhiWipes Makeup Remover (5pcs)
• Skin Candy Aftercare Balm
• Skin Candy Anti Shock 1
• Skin Candy Anti Shock 2
• Skin Candy S7S Protection
• Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel
• Skin Candy Monodose Balm (50 pcs)
• Scissors and Tweezers
• PhiGlow Holder
• Phi EY Blade 16 pins (50pcs)
• BB Compass
• PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc (30pcs)
• EYBlade 50/1
• Drawing Pencil Set (2pcs)
• Phi Mirror

Bonus Guide

EY students are given a comprehensive guidebook to help them excel in microblading.

Shading Lesson + 4 Free Courses





Course Includes:

• Brow anatomy
• Skin structure
• Color theory and undertones (Fitzpatrick scale)
• Color mixing
• Mapping for the perfect eyebrow shape
• Stretching the skin
• Hair stroke method
• Safety and sterilization
• Preventing client infection
• Tools & products used during the procedure
• Consent form
• Client consultation FAQ
• How to prepare treatment rooms correctly
• How to set up microblading equipment correctly
• Correcting imperfections (overplucking & scars)
• Measuring with BB compass and Phi App.
• Taking the best pictures of your work


Course Schedule


09:00 – Registration
10:00 – Basic information about the course
10:15 – Theory – part I Eyebrow shaping and microblading tools. Shaping practice on paper
11:00 – Practice on latex
11:15 – Levels 1-8
13:00 – Lunch break
14:00 – Introduction to the CraftMaster App
15:00 – Theory – part II Information for clients; skin anatomy, the appearance of strokes; pressure (surface and deep); pigments


09:00 – Level placement based on the practice and work from the previous day
10:00 – Practice on live models (the first group of students); drawing the shape and calculating symmetry; proper stretching of the skin; use of anesthetics; filling the pigment and level of pressure applied to the skin
13:00 – Lunch break
14:00 – Further practice on live models (the second group of students)
16:45 – Questions and answers
17:00 – Distribution of Certificates of Attendance

Training Cost

Full Price

The option to pay for the training in full.


Make an initial payment of $XXX to book your spot. Your remaining balance will be $XXXX.00, and it has to be paid one week before the start date of the course when paying with a card. If you’d prefer to pay with cash, that can also be arranged but you must do so on the day of the course instead.


Contact us for more information on financing alternatives.

Cancelation Policy

If the students decide to cancel or do not appear, their $515 deposit will be lost under our cancellation policy.

A $250 fee will be applied to those students who reschedule their class date. This is done to ensure that only individuals dedicated to the microblading industry register for our training courses.

If a health-related emergency occurs, the student may transfer their registration with verification.


Only students over 18 years old are eligible.

The student is required to complete a signed student agreement.

The student must show evidence that they have completed the Bloodborne pathogens exam and certification for communicable diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

New York’s microblading license requirements include certification from OSHA for bloodborne pathogens, as well as a tattoo license issued by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DoHMH). In addition, an Infection Control Course must be completed through the DOHMH Health Academy.
Even if you completed your microblading training in New York, if you want to perform microblading in another country, you’ll have to contact the state and local health departments and satisfy their criteria. In most cases, you will need a tattoo license from the Health Department of the nation where you wish to do microblading.
You will get your EY MicroBlading Kit when you start your training. It is included in the total price of the course. It’s worth around $XXXX. You will get all the tools and materials needed for practicing during the course and serving your first clients. It is intended for up to 80 people.
We believe that students learn best in small groups, so our class sizes are limited to ten students. This way, the instructor can give each student the attention they need and answer all their questions thoroughly.
Once the live workshop is completed, you will be given study materials to work through on your own time. Once all lectures are complete, you will receive certification. Our goal is to have students finish the training within 6 months, though most people complete it in 2-3 months.
It is vital not to take your first clients until you are completely prepared. Some people, on the other hand, require more time to become competent and comfortable enough working with real people. Then you start taking your initial clients and offering microblading services.


Evelina is a superstar in the brow world and you can see that she is completely in her element. Very patient, explains everything, and truly puts you at ease. And it doesn’t hurt that the salon itself is just so gorgeous. After extensive research on my end, I saw no one else that was as qualified and highly regarded as Evelina. Don’t let just anyone touch your face. She has hands of god!! You will be glad you did. So if you’re looking for that sign to get your brows done, this is it. Enjoy your newfound confidence and quicker make-up routine with Evelina!!

Michelle Marus

I was so insecure about my eyebrows where I wouldn’t leave my house or even my room until I had my makeup on them. I was very anxious going into this especially with someone seeing me without any makeup up. Evelina made me feel so safe and so comfortable with her when I went for my microblading appointment. She was so sweet and she knows how to make people comfortable when working with her. After my appointment I was so amazed with my eyebrows and finally happy with myself. Her work is so amazing and beautiful they look so natural!

Ally Villacci

Evelina is an actual artist - It’s taken me years to find someone to trust enough commit to micro blading. Her skill is unmatched and I cannot emphasize it enough. She takes all aspects into consideration, she even pays attention to your brow/facial expressions when you’re talking… her technique is immaculate. Going from using a gel every day to not needing any brow makeup changed my life. Even durning the healing process my brows never scabbed or got funky, follow what she says and you’re gonna love the outcome. 10/10 would recommend making your appt asap

Meg Setter

Evelina Yaguda

Evelina is known as the “Master Brow Artist,” having established herself as one of the world’s best eyebrow specialists. She has earned a reputation in the beauty sector as an expert at creating a full natural-looking brow while shaping the ideal eye-opening arch as a seasoned Make Up Artist, Certified Esthetician, and Cosmetic Specialist. Evelina’s experience with cutting-edge technologies and treatments has been valuable to the beauty industry as a trend-setter and visionarie.