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Who Is Evelina Yaguda?

Evelina is known as the “Master Brow Artist,” having established herself as one of the world’s best eyebrow specialists. She has earned a reputation in the beauty sector as an expert at creating a full natural-looking brow while shaping the ideal eye-opening arch as a seasoned Make Up Artist, Certified Esthetician, and Cosmetic Specialist. Evelina’s experience with cutting-edge technologies and treatments has been valuable to the beauty industry as a trend-setter and visionarie.

Since its inception in 2000, Evelina has aided thousands of women worldwide. After establishing her own medical spa in New York City, Evelina has built an international following with a caring heart and artistic vision. Celebrities, models, and socialites all trust Evelina’s ability to make aesthetic changes to the face.

Investing in your skin now is a wise investment in your skin’s long-term health. Our environment at Evelina Yaguda is a safe, luxurious retreat from midtown Manhattan’s hustle and bustle, as well as a place for Aesthetic Discovery where science, technology, and internal wellness come together to transform your skin.

I specialize in creating natural-looking makeup that is always personalized to each client. Just like our brand, I want each person to feel special and confident about themselves. To me, helping people feel good about themselves brings happiness into my life.


Evelina is a superstar in the brow world and you can see that she is completely in her element. Very patient, explains everything, and truly puts you at ease. And it doesn’t hurt that the salon itself is just so gorgeous. After extensive research on my end, I saw no one else that was as qualified and highly regarded as Evelina. Don’t let just anyone touch your face. She has hands of god!! You will be glad you did. So if you’re looking for that sign to get your brows done, this is it. Enjoy your newfound confidence and quicker make-up routine with Evelina!!

Michelle Marus

I was so insecure about my eyebrows where I wouldn’t leave my house or even my room until I had my makeup on them. I was very anxious going into this especially with someone seeing me without any makeup up. Evelina made me feel so safe and so comfortable with her when I went for my microblading appointment. She was so sweet and she knows how to make people comfortable when working with her. After my appointment I was so amazed with my eyebrows and finally happy with myself. Her work is so amazing and beautiful they look so natural!

Ally Villacci

Evelina is an actual artist - It’s taken me years to find someone to trust enough commit to micro blading. Her skill is unmatched and I cannot emphasize it enough. She takes all aspects into consideration, she even pays attention to your brow/facial expressions when you’re talking… her technique is immaculate. Going from using a gel every day to not needing any brow makeup changed my life. Even durning the healing process my brows never scabbed or got funky, follow what she says and you’re gonna love the outcome. 10/10 would recommend making your appt asap

Meg Setter

High-quality, Natural-looking Microblading Treatments

Always exquisite, always natural-appearing, and never fake. It’s everyday excellence without the usual hard work.