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Upcoming Events

We try make at least one great exhibition of handmade instruments each year. If we are going to be anywhere near you, please come by, say hello, and try one of our guitars, or 6 string banjos.

The Lame Horse Difference

Adjustable playing action under full string tension, and rear access panels are just two great features that make Lame Horse Guitars unique. Click on the Blue button button below to learn mor about these features.

What We Build - Our Instruments

We build 3 models of custom guitars - and are in the process of adding a fourth. We also build a 6 string banjo called the Gitjo. We also market a very fun, high quality ukulele.

Contact - Ordering - Prices

Please click the blue box below for information on how to contact us - as well as ordering information and pricing on our guitars, 6 string banjos, and ukuleles.

How to Care for Your Instrument

Humidify your instrument. This is the single most important thing you can do for your guitar. Don't let your guitar end up like this one. Fine guitars are fragile things. Click below to get more information on how to maintain your guitar at the proper humidity.

Fresh Off the Work Bench

By clicking the action button below you will see some of the most recent examples of our latest work - guitars, Gitjos, and ukuleles, and possibly some work in progess.