IV Vitamin Therapy

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IV Vitamin Therapy

The use of IV medication is extremely common in medicine. IV simply means Intravenous; a route of medicinal administration in which the substance or medication is delivered directly to the veins, rather than orally. IV administration uses either high pressure syringes or intravenous drip infusions, more commonly known as drips. Generally, IV administration is pain free, the patient may feel an initial pinch as the needle is inserted into the vein. However, during the procedure, most are casually enjoying a magazine, or catching up their favorite Netflix drama! Many of our patients have been known to fall asleep during the process.

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IV Therapy is Faster & More Efficient!

The IV route of administration is the fastest method to get medication to the blood stream, therefore gives patients and healthcare practitioners the advantage of faster, more efficient patient treatment. The IV route uses the body’s own circulatory system to disperse medication or provide the body with replacement for lost fluid. Depending on your issue and your Intravenous need at Aesthetic Solutions we offer our patients a number of therapeutic IV drips. IV therapeutics cover a broad range of medical issues.