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Hair Restoration with PRP

Hair loss can be attributed to many factors, including spot baldness or alopecia, hypotrichosis of the eyebrows or hair loss due to various metabolic conditions. Premature baldness becomes a big issue for both males and females who are suffering from it because it is difficult to hide, and it affects your self-esteem.

Understanding the Life Cycle of Human Hair

Hair undergoes three phases: anagen or growing phase, catagen or the resting phase and telogen or the dying phase. Due to the constant cycle, your current crop of human hair are not all the same age nor are they at the same growth phase.

What is PRP and PRP Therapy?

Platelet rich plasma treatments are used in various applications in the fields of dentistry, opthalmology and a number of surgical specializations. The patients’ own platelets are combined with other growth factors to make an injectable that will be used at the treatment site.
As a hair loss treatment, PRP therapy calls for processing the patient’s blood at high speeds to yield a higher volume of platelets loaded with growth and healing factors. Other factors that enhance hair regrowth are also added to create a biomatrix that heals and repairs damaged tissues.

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Hair Restoration with PRF

PRF hair restoration therapy is a three-step medical treatment that involves injecting concentrated plasma into the scalp. PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, uses your body’s own stem cells to stimulate collagen production, tissue regeneration, and hair re-growth. Since PRF growth factors come from your own blood, the body more easily accepts the treatment and increases natural tissue regeneration. The tissue growth stimulates hair follicles, making them larger and healthier so they can produce thicker hair. Both men and women benefit from PRF hair restoration’s many benefits including:
  • Thinning hair
  • A Receding hairline
  • Baldness (including small bald spots)

How does PRF for hair regrowth work? During a PRF treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge. This process separates the platelet-rich fibrin from the rest of the blood using the body’s own stem cells to generate new hair growth and thicken hair. PRF is injected into the scalp where hair loss is being experienced. How successful is PRF for hair regrowth? Patients generally receive four treatments to begin seeing optimum results and are advised to have a maintenance treatment every six to twelve months after the initial series of treatments. When this treatment plan is followed, the success rate is close to 80%. PRF is safe, discreet, and professional.